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Passionate About Inspiring Others To Excel 

‘It takes many years to become a well-rounded trainer and coach. The many years working with highly motivated and ambitious athletes, combined with my background as a sports scientist and former elite-level mountainbiker, gives me a solid foundation to base my work on. Understanding the individual needs for training and coaching, and combining these with the right theoretical training approach is of major importance for a good training experience and process! 

Jacob Lund Agger is an exercise physiologist with more than 12 years of experience working in the professional training and coaching industry. He is highly skilled in training and coaching within endurance sports, with a strong background as a road cycling, cyclocross and mountainbike coach. He is training and coaching athletes of all levels and all ages, paying great attention to the coach-athlete relation, the personal needs of an athlete and combining this with a highly scientific training approach. Besides working with individual athletes, Jacob is a training consultant for road cycling and mountainbike clubs, seeking to optimize their group training and training environment.

Jacob has a strong educational background with a master degree in Physical Education and Sports, with special focus on exercise physiology general and the specific areas 'training and training planning', 'fatigue and overreaching' and 'metabolism and nutrition'. 

He is highly experienced with physical performance testing, working in a performance-testing lab for 5 years, conducting about 100 cycling performance tests annually. He has the knowledge to interpreted data from test, training and competition and use it to optimize training and performance.

Jacob has a strong theoretical and practical knowledge on functional strength training and nutrition, as sees it as a very important aspect of a good training plan for road cycling, mountainbiking, cyclocross and gravel. He is a former elite mountainbiker with many years of experience within training and the life as an elite athlete. This has given him a great understanding of what it takes physical and mental to be a highly motivated and serious athlete.

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